How can I wear the badge?

We're glad you asked!  There are a couple of different paths to becoming a Minnesota police officer.

More than 10,000 Minnesota men and women serve communities across our state as licensed peace officers.  They find it a rewarding career choice that supports their desire to serve and make a difference in their hometowns.  Check out the officers' stories on this site and on our Wear The Badge Facebook and Instagram pages. The campaign was created by the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association to help Minnesotans explore this career, answer questions and tell the true story of what is it like to protect and serve in the 21st Century.

Stephanie's story

Crystal chief of police Stephanie Revering did not head off to college thinking about a career in law enforcement. But as time past, a big influence in her life helped bring about a big change.
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Erin's Story

Officer Erin Holznagel has served nearly a dozen years with the Burnsville Police Department. In this video she talks about how teamwork shaped her as a young hockey player and continues to support her work each day.
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