Wear the Badge Podcast

Episode 1 out now!

Separating fact from fiction and perception from reality, Wear the Badge is a rare look and listen inside the often misunderstood profession of policing. In this podcast, which debuts in February, we examine the latest trends, explore how the career is changing, debate and discuss what it takes to do the work and find out why men and women choose to Wear the Badge. Wear the Badge is a production of the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association and is hosted by the association's executive director, Andy Skoogman.

Why are police agencies locally and across the country facing
challenges finding enough qualified candidates?  We examine the latest
research on the profession and get perspectives from Minnesota chiefs
serving small, medium and large police agencies. Click here to listen!

  When it comes to hiring the next generation of police officers, agencies
work hard to ensure standards are maintained - not lowered.  In this
episode, we talk with local chiefs about their experiences and interview
an expert on the latest trends in psychiatric evaluations.  Coming in March.