Like a lot of high school seniors, Tannyr Curry should be looking forward to graduation and taking part in a spring activity which, in this case, would be shooting trap for the Marshall High School team.  But the current COVID-19 pandemic has either postponed or cancelled a lot of end of the year traditions.  What hasn't changed is Curry's interest in his career choice.

"It just makes me want to join the force even more," he said.  "I just like to help people and, I feel like right now, they need it more than anything."

Curry will be following some of his high school buddies who recommended the law enforcement program at Alexandria Technical and Community College.  He knows the jobs will include long hours, nights and time away from his family but he was attracted to the career because he can get outside, interact and help others.

"Tannyr has shown over the years that he is a dependable, hardworking and dedicated person who will excel in the law enforcement field," says Emily Snyder, one of his teachers at Marshall High School.  "He approaches everything he does with a kind heart, an open mind and a level of compassion not often seen in high school students."

Like a lot of people in law enforcement, Curry believe his love of teams sports, including football, will serve him well as a police officer.  "Just like in the real word, we have to come together and we have to work together to solve problems."