Watch the Stories

In the videos below you'll hear law enforcement agents of all kind tell their story of what it is truly like to protect and serve in the 21st century. Hear why they wear the badge here... 

GB Leighton Concert 

Watch a recording of our live concert event hosted by GB Leighton here!

Officer Sara Schutte  

Environmental biologist? Country superstar? Patrol officer.  

K9 Handler Reggie Larson  

Working with K9 units 

Officer Bob Petrasek  pt.2          

Motorcycle accident assistance       

Officer Bob Petraske  

Waterville school resource officer


State Trooper Karla Bearce  

Crash reconstruction specialist


Investigator Keandre Ghoram  

Influencing youth in communities


Officer Tyler Sinclair  

Technology in policing 


Detective Matt Grochow pt. 2  

Drug court 



Detective Matt Grochow Pt. 1  

Working with Gustavus Adolphus College


Officer Tom Chaffin  

Policing from big city TX to small town MN


Sergeant Jose Pelaez Pt. 2  

Answering the call after 9/11


Sergeant Jose Pelaez pt. 1  

From military to policing 


Officer Erika Penner  

How community service got her interested


Officer Crystal Jones  

Connecting with high school students


Officer Ericka Running  

Building bikes for kids


Officer Erin Holznagel  

Working with specialty teams 


Chief Stephanie Revering  

Women in law enforcement


Officer Mike Santos 

Being proud of what you do


Trooper Mike Cleveland  

LETO (training program)


Chief Medaria Arradondo  

To be stewards of the public trust