Matt Lindbo is the type of person who sets a goal and then gives it everything he's got.  That is especially evident when you look at the path he traveled to become an Eagle Scout.

"Matthew set his mind to earning every merit badge in the Scouting program, which he accomplished before turning 18," says Patrick Rohland, his Scout Master in Redwood Falls.  "While being an Eagle Scout is rare, my research shows less than 350 Scouts out of 100 million have ever accomplished this feat."

Scouts must earn 21 badges to attain the highest ranking of Eagle Scout.  They include distinction in everything from camping and cooking to lifesaving and first aid.  Anyone who tries to earn all of the badges must tackle a list of 137 achievements.  They are reviewed and updated and now include tasks in areas like emergency management and traffic safety.

Lindbo is now in his first year of law enforcement education at Minnesota West Community and Technical College where he had made the Dean's list and found time for activities like the Law Enforcement Club.  "To me, wearing the badge shows integrity, moral straightness and compassion for others.  That is what draws me to this profession," he says.  

Lindbo has a medically dependent twin brother who needs continual care which also means his family is not able to provide much financial support for his education.  He now has his set on completing his studies without incurring a lot of debt.  He hopes to land a job that includes a specialty assignment.  "I just love this career.  I am honored to be chosen," he says.